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Neighbourhood Planning Act

The Neighbourhood Planning Act is imminent. A key change included in the Bill is for conditions of planning approval that require approval of details before development will need written agreement from the developer for them to be attached. I shall be checking the law shortly!

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News Update

Planning law, Government guidance and council policies keep changing, so it could be confusing for anyone considering whether their plans would be acceptable. Please ring or email me if you need help in Cumbria or North Lancashire in respect of your building project or plans for change of use. Recent law change includes the Housing […]

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New Government Guidance

On the introduction of new Government Guidance national government say they’ll review this autumn whether to extend the permitted development of office to residential use beyond May 2016. Agricultural buildings have had permitted development rights to change to dwellings for about 18 months, now subject to prior notification of the Local Authority (Use class Q as […]

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