News Update

By admin | October 12, 2016 | Law, Local Government, National Government

Planning law, Government guidance and council policies keep changing, so it could be confusing for anyone considering whether their plans would be acceptable. Please ring or email me if you need help in Cumbria or North Lancashire in respect of your building project or plans for change of use.

Recent law change includes the Housing and Planning Act 2016, but implementation has been awaiting regulations about details e.g. to help councils in decision making upon planning applications. These regulations are delayed, probably owing to the Government’s cabinet reshuffle as well as consultation of ‘stakeholders’ like builders, who are key to the implementation.

That Act includes the new ‘starter home’ use class, as part of the Government’s drive for more home ownership. However that is partly at the expense of funding more rented housing. Also the criteria for the location of starter homes is on underused commercial and industrial land, on sites of 10 or more dwellings and they are for the under 40’s.

There are other options for keen builders like the ‘self build’ house, by registering with the Local Planning Authority (council) and exempts you from any Community Infrastructure Levy.

The ‘new’ Government is also wanting homes out of disused offices and shops too, so ‘watch this space’.