I provide a personal service for clients with realist predictions of success for their development in harmony with my professional body’s code of conduct.

After establishing the requirements or ‘brief’ I explain the planning rules for the building or change of use project, in plain English. I save the technical terms and jargon for the negotiations with officials!

My fees and terms for payment are agreed as part of my being instructed.

As and when specialist colleagues like architects or design technicians are needed, their specific fees and terms would be made clear too.

After giving satisfaction to hundreds of clients over the last 21 years of consultancy, like presenting them with a certificate of planning permission, I must have been doing some things right! Many of those clients engaged my services for years before I wound up that practice to move back North.

So ‘normal service is resumed’ after my family care roles and a stint in Cumbrian local government.

Also I’m happy to provide a supporting role, to co-professionals in the built environment and property development spheres of work.

Residential development is a major element of my work because of the added value, amenity and other quality of life considerations. I represent land owners in the plan making process (‘Local Development Framework’) and often rescue schemes heading for refusal. My ‘fall back’ services are to write appeals and present cases orally at hearings or public inquiries.

Business development has always been close to my heart, especially by the small or independent firm; for example by obtaining change of use consents and farm diversification schemes.

Breaches of planning control (or complaints alleging such) are another specialty of mine, like enforcement notices, and ‘permitted development’ matters. I’ve helped a lot of folks who took a risk or were badly advised, and avoided them fines and further stress, by resolution of the issues with the officials.

These are a ‘flavor’ of my expert services.